27 May 2009

Homemade Ice-cream

Do you like ice-cream?Would you want to make your own homemade ice cream, here's a recipe.
My mother taught me how to make ice-cream when I was a kid. Give it a try!


125g Coffee Mate Non-Dairy Creamer powder
1 litre Fresh milk


1. In a large bowl, stir together Coffee Mate Non-Dairy Creamer powder and fresh milk until well mixed.

2. Pour the ice cream into a 1" deep container, cover and freeze for about 4 hours or overnight.

3. The next day, remove the ice cream from the freezer and cut into 1" cubes.

4. Beat ice cream mixture with an electric mixer until smooth.

5. Add any flavouring of your preferred choice (e.g: vanilla,chocolate,durian and etc) and beat until thick and creamy.

6. Transfer back to container and freeze till well set.

Note: If you want to add durians, remove seeds from the durian and mash durian pulp with a fork till creamy before add to step 4.

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